Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ådalen Miniatures

     Ådalen Miniatures is another small venture that was started out of one individuals desire to fill a gap in the interwar era.

     These excellent figures are the work of a gentleman by the name of Aaron Brown. They are all very handsome and have lifelike poses that would look good either individually or in multi-figure bases. The uniforms and equipment are as worn by Swedish soldiers from 1910-1939. The details appear crisp and well proportioned. I personally like the hand sizes and the animated faces. Faces are sometimes sculpied over-animated, and while some figure designers prefer a ghoulish, Edvard Munch's "The Scream" expression, I for one do not.

     The downsides: While these figures are designed for the interwar period, it is important to note that Sweden, as a nation, was not involved in any of the interwar struggles. Add to this the fact that the figures are only planned as a 15 figure series, the gamer is left in a tight corner. This does not mean that the figures should necessarily be passed-up on though. For the alternate history (VBCW) gamer, they are an excellent chance to add some fresh color to your tabletop. For the collector, they can be an inexpensive jaunt into a niche that will be a breather from the mundane work of larger gaming projects. Or, if your like me, and the descendant of Swedish immigrants, it could be fun just to show some pride in your heritage!

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