Saturday, March 30, 2013

Um das Menschenrecht

     Having recently moved, SWMBO decided it was time to upgrade all of the household's video entertainment equipment. And since she must be obeyed by all means, who was I to argue! For my silent compliance, I ended up going from the Middle Ages to the 21st Century technology wise. Today, I took the equipment for a test drive by watching YouTube, in HD, on the big screen. This is a big shift from my usual fare of a 15" laptop computer. The video of choice, "Um das Menschenrecht"; a 1934 film with a storyline centered around the German Revolution.

     While the film was created with the backing of the NSDAP as propaganda for stoking nationalist emotions, it is by no means a mouthpiece for them. The film is one of my favorites, and well worth watching. The picture quality is so-so. It was digitally recorded from a VCR tape, which was first recorded from a television. This copy of a copy headache does not prohibit the viewer's ability to spot some really great details on the Freikorps uniforms, so be sure to look closely!

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