Saturday, April 27, 2013

Battlefoam: Custom Cut Foam

     Having been directed to be shipped off to "The Land of the Morning Calm" [Republic of Korea] again, I decided that I would try harder at getting some hobby time in. Last trip over here, worked consumed me to the bone, and nothing was accomplished over the 12 month's time. I new that I would need more foam to transport my miniatures, especially those that will be so time consumingly painted and ready to return to the good old U.S. of A. I decided to give Battlefoam a try. I had always heard the buzz, and figured there had to be something to it. They have excellent YouTube videos that describe their products and services for those who are unfamiliar with the company.
     Battlefoam's website is easy easy to navigate and easy on the eyes too. While the background color is dark grey, their web designer wisely chose contrasts that are not disturbingly hideous. Besides, their product is dark grey, so why not use it as a color scheme for their marketing! Enough about the website and on to the product. I used their Custom Tray Creator which was truly easy to get the hang of. The only stumbling point was their lack of metric sizes to match my basing plans in their generic shape choices. This was handily solved by adding instructions into their order form which is built in just for circumstances such as mine. I simply chose a size that was close to my needs and then described how each shape was a representation for a corresponding metric one. e.g. "1in diameter circle represents 30mm diameter circle", etc.
    Having played around with the Creator for a few minutes, I quickly realized that I could put an entire, gameable force on each individual tray: one flag bearer, one miscellaneous item (or alternate flag bearer); two crew served weapons; four light weapons teams; five leaders; and 32 individual figures. That would build four 10 man squads, two heavy weapons for support, and one six-figure command element to run the whole show!
     I quite conveniently placed my order during the Christmas shopping season and their associated sale pricing. The sale prices were really nice, but they were not the clincher on me placing my order. The fact that one custom cut tray was less than the three Sabol Designs' pluck foam trays necessary for the same task was what did it. It is a lengthy process between order and arrival and the projected turn-around time on the website is accurate.
     When the product arrived, I was completely blown away. The quality of the foam and the care in manufacture was superb. I was the source of a number of laughs around the house as my family found it funny that anyone could be so happy over a piece of packing foam! I did experience one hiccup in my order as their designers accidentally cut the five leader cutouts the same diameter as the four light weapons teams. To this, I must add that the company has the finest customer service. They responded rapidly to my emails with concern and courtesy. The replacement products were rapidly made and then shipped with just as much speed. I cannot recommend their company highly enough.
     The time came, and I shipped off my materials and figures having finally unboxed them yesterday. All was safe and sound, just as I had hoped:

     I am not a huge consumer of storage products as my lack of painting progress does not support anything substantial, but Battlefoam alone has all of my future business. For now, I need to put together a couple of orders to fill in those empty spaces! [Musketeer Miniatures' "IWI", and Tsuba Miniatures' "Freikorps Werdenfels"].


  1. I an=m not a fan of foam myself but can see its advantages in your situation. If I need any Battlefoam will be my product of choice!