Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tsuba Miniatures Update

     Tsuba Minaitures has a great new addition to their Freikorps Werdenfels product line. Packaged as FW-06 Assault Team, the code contains two different figures armed with a Bergman MP18 along with a Wex17 Flamethrower team.
     While Tsuba is the first to admit that the figures armed as they are, are not historically accurate, I cannot fault anyone for wishing to add them to their force. They are an easy and attractive way to spice up a gaming scenario. After all wargame scenarios are always a mixing of fact, what-ifs, and outright fiction no matter how much of a simulation your chosen rules may be.
     More warmly welcomed product codes are RJ-R06 Russian Troopers Firing II, and RJ-R07 Russian Casualties and Medical Orderly.

     Tsuba's Russo-Japanese War figures are purpose designed for the 1904-1905 conflict, but they are fine proxies for many armies in the Baltic and Eastern European regions from 1917-1923.

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