Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Painted Werdenfelser

Well, I finally made some progress and painted up four of my Tsuba Miniatures, Freikorps Werdenfels. Oh, what a lousy year. Please, it's too painful to recount! The other good news is that I have the next four on my bench as I type. Personal pressure has been weighing on my hobby happiness levels as the Red Sailors new release will soon to be upon us and I need to justify the purchase (Not really, actually!). I hope Andrew Taylor doesn't mind me borrowing his general color schemes as I am one of the most unimaginative, OCD afflicted wargamers you will find. My OCD is also why I get such little done, sadly.

Basing Pumice and all paint colors are Vallejo (Model Color, and Panzer Aces); bases are 2mm MDF from Pendraken Miniatures; grass is Gale Force Nine and The Army Painter. I am not completely satisfied with my finished basing, and will be applying a few scattered leaves from Secret Weapon Miniatures. Hmmmm, maybe even a highlight color to the grass?

Please forgive me for the lousy photography. As typical with a digital phone camera, the figures look considerably better in the flesh.


  1. Nice looking minis, love the colors!

  2. Thanks Phil! I wish the pictures were better as they really do look loads better in person. I'm sure my barracks room curtains aren't helping with color contrast in all of their cheap, motel room glory. ha! :-)