Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Second go at a Pair of Tenders

     Trenchworx is definitely a favorite manufacturer of mine with their high quality 28mm designs and quality resin castings. It doesn't hurt that the fellows who make up the company are also quite a friendly bunch. I had the opportunity to meet them at Historicon earlier in the year which was truly a pleasure. I first came across the company in 2014 when they ran their WWI Kickstarter, with my commitment to a hand full of the offered models.

     It has been a long while since my completion of their  paintwork, and so this post is long overdue:

     Products used in order of application: AK Interactive (AKI), Ammo of Mig (AoM), Vallejo Model Color (VMC), and Vallejo Panzer Aces (VPA):

AKI Grey Surface Primer

AoM Moss Green + AoM Black (4:1)
AoM Moss Green
AoM Moss Green + AoM White (4:1)

Tires, steering wheel, wheel hubs, headlight bodies, and radiator grills:
VMC Black + VMC Black Grey (2:1)
VMC Black Grey
VMC Basalt Grey

Headlight Lenses:
VPA White (Winter German Tank Crew)
VMC White

Radiator surround:
VMC Flat Brown
VMC Saddle Brown

Weathering and finish:
AKI Gloss Varnish
AKI Enamel Wash for NATO Camo Vehicle
AKI Ultra Matt Varnish + VMC Matt Varnish (1:1)

     Final thoughts: These models are truly gorgeous! This doesn't mean that they come without fault. There is some sanding required for the multi-part running boards. They also require a thorough pre-cleaning with warm water and soap. Obviously neither issue is a real gripe, Cleaning models prior to assembly and painting is nothing new to nearly everyone who wants the good paint adhesion, and a little sanding is par for the course in many a modelling project. I'm so-so on the Ammo of Mig paints. They shot nicely through my airbrush without thinning (as advertised) but they are not extremely durable until finally sealed. Outside of that, it is nice to have colors that are marketed as being pre-researched for your specific usage. I am a bloody awful decision maker on the right color(s), and I was able to fly on autopilot for this one. If you are an Interwar gamer, and have not bought any of Trenchworx's products, you really should. 

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